Core i7 8700k v Ryzen 7 2700X

The Best CPU For Your Money

For those that do more than browse the Web, send the occasional email or write the odd word-processing document there is a class of CPU that does all of the aforementioned and then some, the high-end CPU.  There are many classifications of CPU from ultra-low voltage mobile to the High-Performance Computing although there appears to be no standard definition.   When it comes to a computer for the high-end user, such as video encoding or rendering then more is definitely not less.

AMD and Intel both offer CPUs that provide more than enough processing power without breaking the bank.  AMD’s latest Ryzen 7 2700X is an Eight-Core/Sixteen Thread CPU and is its current Ryzen flagship.  Intel’s best is the Core i7-8700K which is a Six-Core/Twelve Thread CPU.  Both operate at base speeds of 3.7GHz but with two extra cores and four extra threads, the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X at around £50 less expensive offers better performance with highly threaded applications.

According to Futuremark’s CPU Mark, the AMD is around 7% faster than the Intel although other benchmarking suites show the AMD leads by up to 20%.  Both CPUs are extremely capable but AMD leads the way when running highly threaded applications.  Image processing, video encoding and even gaming now benefit from multiple cores and threads much more than they used to.  Most software developers and the applications they produce benefit from multiple cores, including Microsoft Excel and modern Web Browsers.

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