Making AdWords Work for You

Google is the dominant force when it comes to search, with more than 70% of people using Google Search when looking for products and services.  This is over 80% on tablet and mobile showing that this should be your focus when using Google’s services.  Google’s AdWords is one of the most effective ways of attractingRead More

The Best CPU For Your Money

For those that do more than browse the Web, send the occasional email or write the odd word-processing document there is a class of CPU that does all of the aforementioned and then some, the high-end CPU.  There are many classifications of CPU from ultra-low voltage mobile to the High-Performance Computing although there appears toRead More

The Best Gaming CPU

Intel and AMD have long been rivals in the CPU market with Intel leading the way in terms of raw performance for many years with their Core range.  All that changed when AMD released their Zen-based Ryzen CPUs in early 2017 and the newer Zen+ just a month or so ago.  The new Ryzen CPUsRead More

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