About Us

So, who is GeekCred UK?

What started as an insult became the inspiration for creating the GeekCred UK brand and providing custom-built desktop computers for all sectors from small form factor media centres to full-scale gaming rigs. We still build PCs, everything from low power ultra slim line computers for people that just want something for browsing the Internet, staying in touch with family and friends through Facebook and Skype to multi-processor/multi-GPU behemoths for the most demanding gaming enthusiasts.

We offer much more than your average geeks though, everything from the aforementioned PCs to repairs, upgrades and beyond. Custom websites for both personal and business users? We even provide annual website hosting, low price SSL certificates for e-commerce businesses and a solutions-based approach integrating other such requirements as Customer Relationship Management, Live Chat, Helpdesk and review systems. We can provide off-the-shelf solutions or can customise your website to suit you and your requirements.

Bill Gates once said that you should be nice to geeks, as one day you might end up working for one. We are a small team, mainly family, that are pretty much all geeks. If not a geek then someone that is knowledgeable and above all helpful as we provide simple and straightforward advice and services.

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